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Why You Need The Natural Insect Spray?

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Every year as the warm weather approaches, I make various homemade natural insect spray to save my family from bugs and insects naturally avoiding all sorts of chemicals. Summers are especially the time where you want to spend your time on a tropical beach while holding a cocktail and enjoying the cool breezes of the sea, but you know what this is the time where your body is an open invitation for bugs and insects to fly on and have a tasty bite on your skin. Besides these risky and nasty bites, you are also taking a risk with a very serious disease such as zika and lime if you are taking your skin’s protection for granted.  

Protection against insects like mosquitos, flies and ticks, (many other poisonous bugs also) is very important if you want to enjoy summer without any hassle and disease.  

Why natural insect sprays? 

Why not natural insect repellent sprays? They are made using natural ingredients to reduce the chemical to a very low extent. People these days are more concern about their skin and health, that is why they avoid using chemicals on their skin. Natural insect sprays are highly safe to use, even for children and pregnant women also.  

  • Using chemical and harsh insect repellents sprays with your children can cause an adverse reaction but natural insect sprays are safe to use on baby skin because of its mild formula  
  • Save to use for pregnant women. No need to avoid it, it’s safe for baby and mother both  

What natural insect spray do to insects and bugs? 

Natural is very helpful regarding the elimination of unwanted visitors, I mean bugs and insects that are making your life hell. When you use these natural insect sprays on insects like cockroaches and ants, you will feel like magic, when these unwanted visitors crawl and died on the floor without involving allot of your efforts. Here is the list what these sprays do with the bugs and insects: 


Natural insect sprays are designed homes environment-friendly containing pyrethrin’s or pyrethroids as their active ingredients. Pyrethrums are the compound found in the flower of chrysanthemum. While the synthetic copies of these compounds are pyrethroids. Some of the top-selling natural insect sprays contain Imiprothrin and deltamethrin, the two active compounds of pyrethrin’s.  

Knockdown Effect: 

When you spray the natural insect spray on the bugs and insects like cockroaches, leeches, lizards, ants, the chemical formula of the spray gets injected through their skin. These parathyroid chemicals stop bugs and insects virtually and instantly, the effect is produced and known as “knockdown Effect”. Within the body of the insects, the chemical formula of the spray stops nerve transmission.  

Body sprays: 

Same as the insect’s sprats are designed to eliminate the unknown visitors from your home, body sprays are made to use on the body to protect your body from bugs and insects. Natural body sprays will save you from mosquito biting and other harmful infections cause due to the body’s contact with insects.  


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